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We believe in providing parents, players, and coaches with accurate information from baseball experts who have lived the process. Once you have accurate information, you can make a more informed decision.


Have you ever thought ‘I wish someone would just explain the process.’ If yes, Demand Command Academy is what you’re been waiting for. This is your chance to learn about every aspect of the baseball evolution process straight from the experts.

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“I fully support what Demand Command Academy is doing. Having the right information is a vital part of making the best decision for your child. I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you.”
– Latroy Hawkins, 19 year MLB player

“This absolutely my family understand how to pursue a collegiate baseball opportunity. Demand Command Academy explained everything about the college baseball recruiting process in great detail. Once our family understood how the process worked, we felt secure about the decision we were making to give him the best opportunity possible. I 100% recommend Demand Command Academy to anyone who has a son that wants to play college baseball.”
– Dave Glass, Demand Command Academy member

“For as long as I’ve been coaching, youth players and parents have been in the dark about how the process actually works. This is the first service I’m aware of that brings together experts to help explain the process.”
– Jim Wells, baseball coach and youth mentor

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  • Hours of recorded video content featuring experts on the entire baseball evolution process. We’ll cover youth baseball, player development techniques, travel baseball, equipment, supplements, high school baseball, showcases, collegiate recruiting, pro ball options, and more. You’ll learn exactly what it takes to go from the youth leagues to the big leagues.
  • Expert advice and mentoring from our team – If you need help overcoming a challenge facing you in the process, we are here to help guide and mentor you.
  • Viewpoints and opinions from experts who have lived the process. No misinformation, no hearsay, no ‘I heard this is how it works.’ You’ll get 100% accurate information on how the process works.
  • Our interactive community of parents, players, and coaches that are living the evolution process of a baseball player. You’ll have direct access to experts on the process and can ask any question.

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 About Our Experts

We are an online community of baseball and softball experts. Together, we have a extensive network of college coaches, talent evaluators and influencers. We have personally lived the college baseball evolution process – from the youth leagues to the big leagues – and have advised hundreds of families on how to navigate the process.

LaTroy Hawkins
Latroy Hawkins is currently a pitcher for the Colorado Rockies at the major league level. Hawkins was drafted straight out of high school in 1991 and is in his 19th season in the big leagues, having pitched for 11 major league clubs.

Zach McClellan
Zach McClellan played a combined nine years of professional baseball at the minor- and major-league levels and was a member of the 2007 National League Champion Colorado Rockies. A native of Toledo, Ohio, McClellan personally lived the baseball evolution process from the youth leagues to the big leagues. Today, McClellan mentors underprivileged youths on how to achieve their goals when facing adversity.

Jason Hirsh
Jason Hirsh pitched for the Houston Astros and the Colorado Rockies and brings quite a unique perspective to Demand Command Academy since he was not highly recruited out of high school. Hirsh attended California Lutheran University, a Division-III school, and was selected in the second round of the MLB Draft in 2003. Three years later, Hirsh had won multiple minor-league ‘Pitcher of the Year’ awards and was called up to the big leagues.

Gary Wagner
Gary Wagner pitched in the major leagues for six years for the Philadelphia Phillies and Boston Red Sox in the late 1960s. Wagner has the unique experience of having lived the process himself and then mentoring a family member through the process from youth baseball to professional baseball.

Brian Bass
Brian Bass was an amazing competitor at the major-league level with the unique perspective of having gone straight from high school to the professional level in 2000. Bass pitched in the major leagues from 2008-2010 after serving a number of years in the minor leagues before making his debut. Bass now owns SideSessions and is the pitching coach at Stevenson University.

Josh Newman
Josh Newman played at the major league level for the Colorado Rockies and the Kansas City Royals and is currently the pitching coach for Marshall University. Collegiately, Newman was a standout at The Ohio State University and ranks third all-time for the Buckeyes in career wins (32), innings pitched (369.0), and strikeouts (291). Newman also offers hands-on pitching instruction at PitchToPitch.com.

Shane White
Shane White is a former travel baseball player in the Midwest who played professionally in the minor leagues. After retiring from professional baseball, White was a certified strength and conditioning specialist who helped found St. Vincent Sports Performance in Indianapolis, Indiana, a firm that specializes in strength and conditioning training for professional athletes. Currently, White is working with orthopedic surgeons for pre- and post-surgical treatment.

Kyle Gould
Since taking over the reins of Taylor University baseball in 2005, Gould has amassed a record of 292-175 (.625) and has coached 37 all-conference athletes over nine seasons. Gould is an expert in the NAIA recruiting process and player development as four of his players have gone on to win the Crossroads League Player of the Year award. Gould has also mentored two athletes who have gone on to sign contracts to play professional baseball.

Dennis Conley
Dennis Conley has spent the past 31 years coaching collegiate baseball at Olney Central College amassing 28 straight years of 30+ wins. Conley has experienced player development from almost every angle, as 243 of his former players have signed scholarship offers to continue their baseball careers at a four-year school. Forty-one of Conley’s former players have signed professional baseball contracts.

Jim Wells
A baseball equipment and training aide expert, Jim Wells has invented multiple baseball training aides including the first-ever bat to be sold on the open market with a modified handle. Wells is also a hardwood lumber expert with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Wells has personally mentored over 400 high school baseball and softball players who have reached their goals of playing college athletics.

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